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For those reviewing my work who do not work in broadcast news, I would like to explain that on a typical workday between 9 and 10 hours I generally get about 1 to two total hours of video shooting time over all. It may be at multiple locations broken into just a few minutes at each stop. After my reporter gets at least one hour of dedicated write time I can then end up with as little as 15 minutes to edit video, create motion graphics and push to air via FTP or real-time live transmission. The quality you see here is based on a working model we call running and gunning. Even my more feature themed stories have only a limited amount of time spent on actually video and sound gathering and post production editing.  I also at times must use file footage to fill in for scenes or action that was not available to shoot at the time we did the story.  I in no way consider this work cinematographic works of art, rather grace under immense pressure to feed the endless hunger of the news media machine.

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